Hexamania actually contains three games, random-turn Hex, random-turn tripod, and the harmonic explorer game. The random-turn Hex game is described in

[Abs] [PS] [PDF] Random-turn Hex and other selection games, by Yuval Peres, Oded Schramm, Scott Sheffield, and David B. Wilson. American Mathematical Monthly, 114:373--387, May 2007.
and is like regular Hex, but where at each turn a coin flip determines who gets to go next. The black player tries to connect the two black sides with black hexes, and the white player tries to connect the two white sides with white hexes. Random-turn tripod is similar, but each player tries to connect all three sides with one cluster. Either or both players may be a computer player. The harmonic explorer game is a solitaire game, and is described elsewhere.

Click here to download Hexamania [Hex]. The game runs on PC's, and assumes that the .NET framework has been installed.

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