Oded Schramm

Principal Researcher
Theory Group
Microsoft Research
December 1961, Jerusalem, Israel

Hebrew University, BSc. Mathematics and CS 1986, MSc. Mathematics 1987.
Princeton University, PhD. in Mathematics 1990. Advisor W.P.Thurston.

Research Interests
Probability: percolation, random walks, 2 dimensional statistical physics, SLE
Conformal mappings
Coarse geometry

Previous Affiliations
The Weizmann Institute of Science 1992–1999
UCSD 1990–1992

Editorial Service
Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews 1992 through 2003
Geometric and Functional Analysis editorial board 2001
Annals of Mathematics, associate editor 2003
Annals of Probability, associate editor, 2003
New York Journal of Mathematics, editor, 2003
Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, editor, 2003
Journal of the AMS, associate editor, 2003; editor, 2008

Prizes and Awards
Anna and Lajos Erdős Prize in Mathematics, 1996
Salem Prize, 2001
Clay Research Award, 2002
Henri Poincaré Prize, 2003
Loève Prize, 2003
Pólya Prize, 2006
Ostrowski Prize, 2007
Elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 2008

Selected Lectures
Fourth European Congress of Mathematics, Stockholm, 2004, plenary lecture
Coxeter Lecture Series, Fields Institute, Toronto, 2005
Canadian Mathematical Society Winter Meeting, Victoria, 2005, plenary lecture
Abel lecture, Oslo 2006 (on the occasion of Carleson getting the Abel prize)
ICM Madrid 2006 plenary lecture
7th World Congress in Probability and Statistics plenary lecture