xrc is a program which generates Fortuin-Kasteleyn random cluster states for various graphs.

If you wish to download it and try it out, click here to obtain rc.tar.Z. Then type the following commands to install it:
zcat rc.tar.Z | tar xvf -
cd rc
make all

This will make xrc. To run it, just type xrc and it will do something reasonable. You can specify various command line options to control (among other things) the size of the grid (by default 2d 40x40), the value of q (by default q=2), and the value of p (by default p=pc(q)). To view the command line options, type xrc /.

If you have any problems installing or using xrc, please send me email.

Subsequent versions of xrc have been written as an extension to tcl/tk 8.0 (which can be obtained here or here), but are not at this time ready for release.